Gg's - Fun And Creatively Inspired Handmade Soaps
Purchasing Our Soaps:

We are currently investigating the best way to order for our customers!

Temporarily,We ask that you email us for purchases. Simply complete the form below indicating, in the comments section, the name and quantity of each soap requested, and click on the send button.
A detailed paypal invoice will be emailed to you directly from paypal's secure website and your payment will be processed through paypal.

All soaps are $5.50 per bar

Shipping for 1 bar up to 4 bars = $5.80
( A flat rate of $5.80 up to 4 bars)

Shipping for 5 bars up to 25 bars = $12.80
(A flat rate of $12.80 for 5 bars up to 25 bars)
First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
We will be revising the ordering process soon to better  accommodate our customers! Please email with any inquiries.

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